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  1. im interested please contact me asap
  2. I have an account i want to login into, but i need to use a particular ip address so i dont get spotted. can anyone guide me as to how to change my ip to that? I dont mean vpn
  3. Please PM me with your contacts. Only serious guys please.
  4. large quantity available, escrow ok! Price: 100 - 500 : 40% 500 - 1250 : 35% 1250 - 2500 : 30% +2500 : 25%
  5. I need a good skimmer who can provide track1$2 or who can help with a good shop to buy them...inbox me
  6. i figured that because i went through almost 11 from one site and none worked then i tried 2 more from a different site and it was the same and it was weird because this was the same one doing everything for the past 3 weeks smh i guess i might have to just find a new bin or find a new method for that bin
  7. quick question is it possible to kill a bin? for the past 3 weeks I've been using one bin and did maybe over 30k with it and the last time i tried to use it it didn't work for what i was trying to use it for. could it be that the bank caught on and red flagged any purchase similar to what i was purchasing before? or maybe i just caught a bad update. just curious
  8. Al_dog

    Nfc card

    Does anybody kno how to make a card nfc ?? To tap and pay with plastic
  9. Today I got my apples). the package was delayed a little, but it's okay
  10. can someone tell me or show me how to card iTunes gift cards right now, please. I'm really in desperate to know about the gift cards ok thanks. does someone know how to card western union too, please. get at me asap. thanks
  11. Hows it going pple? This is my 1st post on a forum of this kind and so if this thread needs to be somewhere else then please nudge me in the right direction.. So i have full details of a verified Coutts account CC - Name Address DOB Mothers maiden name Pet name Plus any other personal details you may need CC number Expiry date 3 digit security number Last months paper statement (physical) Plus any other details you may need This card has a monthly limit of £11,000 and if anyone knows anything about Coutts Bank then you'd know the balance needs to be paid off in full every month This card is paid in full on the 9th of every month so a guaranteed £11,000 is up for grabs Reach out if interested, i have no ICQ or anything but will register one if need be
  12. Al_dog


    does anyone have any tutorials on carding, bank jobs or anything relevant? Please don't offer to teach me anything i'm not interested in enriching bottom feeder fraudsters. any help will be genuinely appreciated.
  13. Al_dog

    My card app

    Please who knows the bin that works on my card app?
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