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  1. you can came and talk pm if you are really serious !!!
  2. i cash non vbv card ( except us ) ... i send you the link you pay . accept non vbv card and VBV card . big amount and money to be done
  3. Hello pals new from Belgium,hopefully want to get plastic dumps from good vendor...
  4. Anyone know if you could write tracks on the emv chips?
  5. how to card itunes gift card ? anyone have method let me know ?
  6. hello , can anyone advise stock that accepts third party payments by swift transfer? thx
  7. anti-detect configs changes mac address? just bought couple of window 10 configs from configshop. please spread some knowledge in my threat also
  8. hoy

    Socks5 or Vpn

    What is actually socks5 / vpn, without them I can do online carding, or I definitely need it?
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