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  1. Hello....Pm me with ur ICQ or Telegram let work together
  2. What country card do you need?
  3. What country cc you need?
  4. What you’ll need: 1. Fullz (use the one that we just used for Verizon) 2. High balance cc 3. Fresh phone Process: Step 1. Create a new cashapp using the same email you’ve already created, put fullz info in when signing up for the cashapp Step 2. Verify the Cashapp using the fullz SSN. Once you’ve done that, link the cc that you’ve purchased from your preferred site/vendor. Step 3. Tap the top of the screen where it says “Cash Card”. Then click “Add Cash”. You’re going to add anywhere from $500-$1000 to your cash balance. The great thing about the cash balance, is that it cannot charge back or be refunded once it is on your balance. At that point you can send the money to a friend or to your personal cashapp or however you choose. After you’ve done this you can sell the phone easily for $800, depending on the phone you got. Then add the $500-$1000 that you’re making on top of that, and you can do the math on that yourself.
  5. I need a picker for Walmart Serious people from Georgia willing to make it should contact me..... if you can and willing to work.Lets break bread Contact me ASAP ICQ Contact : 630346 Telegram Contact : https://t.me/Carding_Master30
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