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  1. For a ATM cashout you need dumps with PIN (the original PIN of the card). These is some cases in which you can bypass the PIN by setting a random one in the EMV software (then you write the chip with it), and cashout on Offline standalone ATMs.
  2. I have both EMV 8.6 and X2A. They work fine, but it is not cheap, the real price of these softwares are above $2000. I got them for $600, and working fine. Remember that you have to get JCOP (java) blank cards and a chip card reader/writer like omnikey or ACS (not the cheap chinese ones on ebay).
  3. Nice! What about the chargebacks? did you get locked after that?
  4. You need a plastic with stripe and chip. Copy your card data on the stripe with the MSR exactly like a 101. Regarding the chip, either you burn it (just do a short circuit with for example a charger by cutting the cables before), or if the plastic is new you can leave the chip blank (empty). You can now use your 201.
  5. Interesting, I am looking for this software for ages. How to get it?
  6. Hello, Thank you for sharing! How long did you wait between the carding and the availability of funds on your BTC wallet? CCbill don't hold your transactions for 7 days after payment? Another question, What are the requirements/verifications to get registered and able to make live charges on CCbill? Any country requirements? (I am based in Europe with european bank accounts). Same question for the requirements about The Clover POS registration. Works also in EU?
  7. Salut, Je suis dans le carding depuis des annees deja, et dispo pour repondre a des questions s'il y en a.
  8. Hello, 101 = card with stripe band only. 201 = card with stripe + chip (integrated circuit). For BINs, I use binlists.com. To find a BIN that is not locked in a specific country, you can try to find a list of BINs of that country. For example, for Finland: https://binlists.com/in/finland (Idk if it is the best method, but it works for me to target specific BINs). For cashout methods you can use online carding (if you also have CVV2), POS carding (in shops) and ATM carding. I am testing a new method these days (but a little bit more complicated), I will publish it on the forum if it works succesfully.
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