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  1. Hi can anyone recommend legit or good dump seller? i have tried some and most were not that great... help will be much appreciated
  2. Does anybody have shops that sell CCs from India ?
  3. Received money, the card was not blocked. Successes, we will still work!
  4. do u think they can track my location by using GPS from my hostpot, am just afraid they can track it but anyway, i will change the sim card every 4-5 orders thank you so much any advices if you have, please share with me, thank you
  5. Hi everyone, Could you tell me is it safe to card stuffs online using a sim card 4G which is registered by other people information (driver license, passport) I have been carding by this way approximately 5 months (not included last year, cos I failed so much time to get more experience in this year). Almost orders got passed and shipped (not over 900$ each cc) but I'm really worried about protecting myself from Police. I use to buy a blank sim card then buying an information such as driver license or passport and using these information to purchase a prepaid plan. A prepaid plan basically allows me to change IP everytime I switch off my phone and turn it on, also I throw it away after 5-6 orders. On my laptop I created a fresh install windows 7 on VMWARE, then connected the Wifi USB adapter to my VMWARE. I used an external hostpot to share the wifi to my virtual machine. and using Antidetect or Linken Sphere (both cracked) to start carding. Please someone here helps to tell me is the way am doing safe enough to protect myself. Any recommend or suggestion if you have. I will really appriciate it, thank you so much
  6. Is it true I can only see all the CCs only if I deposit money to my acc? tnx
  7. Only to understanding people please pm
  8. I need information on carding eBay and Amazon asap please some one help me asap please
  9. Looking for long term business, we can start at small amount if you want . I won't scam anyone to ruin business. You will get btc instantly. Price negotiable if you have many in stock !
  10. so i just recently started carding instore cause i dont like the trouble online has but for some reason all my cards are getting declined or say debit enter pin and when i switch to credit it denys it
  11. Does anybody know if simplex is still cardable? As far as I know it was cardable, but now I don't know.
  12. i NEED a wesite not private vendor to buy fullz cvv with email and password
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