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  1. Several types of employees were recruited: 1. The employees of the gas station/cafe restaurant can use the customer's bank card 2. People use POS skimming equipment to work The essence of the work is to use the skimming equipment to clone the cardholder's bank card, and then may cash out the received materials. Learn the details for yourself. A plus sign is the presence of MSR. Labor remuneration ranges from 50% to 70%. Upon request, material percentage can be provided. i will consider only peope who can put money in deposit . if you dont have money for deposit stay away and dont write me ! Contact in PM
  2. If You are a carder from The Netherlands please PM me
  3. Hey guys, I'm really trying so hard to post this, coz it keep on deleting itself, donna what the problem is. Anyway, I got some UK Bank Accounts Available to load up and cash out anytime. So hit me up, if you're looking for some.
  4. Hi, If you can speak, read, type in Chinese (common) please message me. Thanks
  5. Benny

    Buy us logs

    waiting for an answer
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