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  1. need serious USA bank fullz cashiers
  2. I will sell verified account Wirex Cost: 38 dollars
  3. Can you turn a CVV into a Dump?
  4. Benny

    X2 chip software

    i have just post a feedback in dumping.....i have made a deal with escrowe with dumping.... so stop this bullshit!!! anyway can anyone help me with x2 software....
  5. Benny

    X2 chip software

    Anyone can share a clean version of x2 emv software?? + i have check over internet but allot of infected file...
  6. Benny


    do anyone know what happened to Playermx or whats his jabber?
  7. what stores or restaraunts ONLY use stripe as POS ? I know Chipotle only uses the swipe and even with a EMV card, you will only have to swipe instead of inserting your chip.
  8. I worked with the seller, I recommend as a responsible and knowledgeable person!
  9. am looking for a UK dob+nin+dl, anyone who sells?
  10. Benny

    Balance CC

    How can I know the balance of cc, since checkers like luxchecker or try2check kill cards
  11. Benny


    Where can I learn about ATM malware and skimmers
  12. Hello, 1. question Does anyone know how to carding instore or atm? Because in my country they don"t use magnetic stripe to swipe cc in store, we use only emv cheap or nfc and than enter the pin number. 2. question Does online carding work or no at this time If yes does anyone have experience how to do it? - I read it a lot of topics on this theme, i know you need to have vpn, socks5, wm, dumbs with cvv2. And for the last on the deepweb are to much scammers, I know wall street cc market its fake but what for others? Does anyone of this pages work? They have all good review on forum etc... but than someone typed its Scam (competitors)?? IDK
  13. I am stuck on the application where it wants me to verify address. What's the best way to do this?
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