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  1. need some one who can design nice logo for me
  2. will buy few bins to to make a payment with auto vbv/non vbv bin
  3. if you have form 1040 or tax pls pm
  4. Hello dear members,i need an "API key's+API secret finder/scanner" (NEXMO / TWILIO / Textlocal ),if anyone can help pls send me PM!!
  5. Hi, Out of lets say the 30 online shops I have came across regarding a certain product, There have been two that do not require vbv but do require custom/admin verification. Would this be a more suitable method of carding if you got spare cards on hand with no special bin
  6. You will need socks as well as GPS spoof to set your location to the card holder city. Peace
  7. Aye what's the difference in 101 and 201 codes? And what are some BINs that are not locked in Ga, Fl, NC and SC? Last question what are some cash out methods for dumps.. Sorry about all the questions.
  8. Hello guys, i am new to linken sphere browser and i want to know if it is possible to set a default setting for the network connectivity. So i want, when i create i new session that under network connectivity settings it will automatically set: Socks 5 - - 9955 I dont need User and Password. How can i do this?
  9. Ah I understand you now, but how come the MSR-X machine doesn't allow me to write it on a blank card then? That's weird. It keeps saying track1 needed
  10. I need track 1 to clone the card, doesn’t I? PM me bro
  11. What do you mean by, I have to read it like track 2? I’m swiping it through the MSR machine, and only track 2 appears on the screen. Try to PM me, to explain further. Thanks for the fast reply
  12. Okay guys listen up. I’m about to swipe this fuelcard that I have with MSR-605X. It only gives me track 2, but its alright, because I know I can generate track 1 from track2. Here comes the problem - a fuel card, is not a credit card. So I need the 3 CVV digit code to make track 1, but how I am supposed to do that when there is no CVV number on the fuel card?
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