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  1. I Am Willing To Card To Your Addres Then You Sell It And Send Me My Share Of What I Card..? I Got Ripp Everyday I Try To Make Some Money With The Reallest Guys PM Me And Let Makes Some Good Business..
  2. GoldenFish


    selling 31 log payback.de (log pass). diff amount of points. price - 75$ PM.
  3. Who can sell me software for the Datacard 150i ??
  4. Thanks so much for your help ! so do i even need the proxie thing or anything else to keep myself safe or just one of the VPN from that list will be good enough? is there a tutorial or guide that someone could send to me or reference me to? a website? i see many people hosting services here, can i trust them?
  5. Traditional charge cards don't extend credit. You're expected to pay the balance in full every month. Credit cards, on the other hand, allow you to pay off your purchases over time, although you'll usually be charged interest if you don't pay the whole balance right away.
  6. Hi everyone, I am new to all this. Just tryin to see what you guys think are the best VPNs? I have one that i got from doing some research on google but i feel like these change more often than a google article. Also the VPN i am using is getting blocked by many site i want to visit. I keep hearing about proxies and I am not sure if what i am researching / what I am looking sis what people on here are talking about. any help will help, or maybe a good website that is current that can help me learn a little about keeping myself secure from the feds. on a low level of explanation, i am new, and ignorant to this techincal stuff but i love learning this stuff. lookin to learn some stuff and make some friend.
  7. Thx but HELL NO! McDicks no good for ANYONE I'll pass
  8. I know might be dumb question but has any of you succeed using generated cc on a shop? I don't think is possible.
  9. who have idea from deal any country EU? Who filed a declaration like with payments? Does anyone have experience?
  10. Does anybody have shops that sell CCs from India ?
  11. Hey guys I’ve heard about people use dumps with NFC for tapping transactions with android pay. I only know you can use a bank log or a cvv for Android pay but have never heard about dumps with android pay. If it’s true I wonder what kind of dumps do you need for NFC android pay? Just a normal track 2 dumps? Would be appreciated if anyone would like to share some info. I can buy you a any country’s free dump if your method works. Thank you.
  12. I am fascinated by this world of carding, but I know almost nothing, could anyone tell me which way to go? Should I study programming language, databases, website intrusion, computer networks? Someone could tell me, give me a way which I can become a good carder. I want to be able to do my own methods, get my CC, I have free time, I can dedicate myself all day long
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