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  1. Paste all Your USA banks and credit union for wire transfer,direct deposit,and ACH
  2. Hello i am from America and would like to work with you . I am a great cashier and willing to show proof and loyalty.
  3. FraGmeNt

    SqlDumper v8.5

    do you have jabber?
  4. does anyone have experience to find a non EMV ATM ? After brain storming i came up with a way to distinguish an ATM that uses EMV from one that doesnt, however after aquiring a DUMP + PIN from a popular store and destroying EMV on a card to look good and to provide a good camouflage. i tried different atms ones with EMV as well as ones without to cash it out, i found out that one of the signs that it has EMV that it immediately spits it out so then i finally found one that would proceed with the transaction and actually give me a code so thats why i wanted to ask yall with experience. IT Gave me the following error Responce CODE : 22 Description: ACQUIER LIMIT after looking around i found on a website that has the errors it shows that 22 - Suspected Malfunction This code normally indicates that the card number was invalid. so if anyone has experience does this mean the CHIP MALFUNCTION caused the error or the card was just DEAD.
  5. looking to trade UK methods, carding, credit, paypal etc add my icq if you have anything useful to offer
  6. Greetings friends can anyone recommend me a salesman landfill key that is really serious , because I've lost hundreds of dollars buying from sellers sold as serious and reliable people and are being swindlers, these dumps it will work in the Dominican Republic .
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