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  1. Ah I understand you now, but how come the MSR-X machine doesn't allow me to write it on a blank card then? That's weird. It keeps saying track1 needed
  2. I need track 1 to clone the card, doesn’t I? PM me bro
  3. What do you mean by, I have to read it like track 2? I’m swiping it through the MSR machine, and only track 2 appears on the screen. Try to PM me, to explain further. Thanks for the fast reply
  4. Okay guys listen up. I’m about to swipe this fuelcard that I have with MSR-605X. It only gives me track 2, but its alright, because I know I can generate track 1 from track2. Here comes the problem - a fuel card, is not a credit card. So I need the 3 CVV digit code to make track 1, but how I am supposed to do that when there is no CVV number on the fuel card?
  5. know a store that sell logins with cookies I got genesis-market already it’s ok Any others???
  6. does walmart have some automatic decline function if u try to swipe giffys? or any other store for that matteer?
  7. If anyone has a cc to spare to someone who literally has zero BTC, please PM me. I just need the name, number, CVV and expiry in MM/YY for a non-VBV USA cc. I need it fast cause the item I want to card has only 1 remaining!
  8. Hello fellow scammers, I am joining the community to network and learn new ways to secure the bag. I am fairly new to the underworld and have a lot to learn, but i started with the end/beginning in mind. I chose the lane of banking, and with that been said i am putting together some good cashout opportunities and will be needing a reliable partner for my drops. I look forward to networking and making a LOT of money with some great people here. PS, I am open to learning something from anybody willing to share. ( help me, help you make us some money)
  9. marklar

    Bank accounts

    I'm selling exactly what is stated in the OP. PM me if you need further information.
  10. marklar

    Bank accounts

    I have bank accounts with full info. High balances and credit scores available. PM me for details.
  11. who know briansclub new update good or bad ?? i try dumps 101 South Korea is fake(wrong card number),200$ USD,4 stuff (dumps) ,. who try too??? what you problem??
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