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  1. Hey All! Im looking for someone who could help me getting started with carding. Yes, yes i know, read the forum, thats what ive been doing lately, but also seeking for some extra help, someone to ask questions, receive guidance from, point on topics to dig deeper, etc.. to accelerate the whole process. Of course exchange for the help\mentoring i offer a nice and fair cut. Serious minded fellas, semi pros\pros, are very welcome. "Lets card a new xbox game" or "Buy giftcards and sell them to make 20 bucks a day" type of kids please, NOPE Also interested in partnership, working for u, am here to listen any ideas, just please be serious, i have no time n energy to waste on idiots. I do not pay anything in advance, so rippers fuck off. Btw im EU based. PM me if you have something to say! Have a nice one!
  2. I want to share some results with you that helped me, it was through spamming. Bruno Ferreira Costa São Paulo-SP CEP: 03366-005 CPF: 303.467.640-92 5553 5798 5410 3374 5/2024 738 Carlos Ferreira Souza Olinda-PE CEP: 53250-040 CPF: 849.567.935-37 4539 5648 6622 3701 8/2023 546
  3. bump, only people willing to work through escrow please
  4. for sepa, only with online no virtual drops, no prepaids.
  5. Are there any websites I can recommend? I want to test whether CCV can work normally, thank you
  6. Ichigo


    Lookingfor hotel gift card method!!! hotels.com .
  7. Looking for some help on how to Tri-Merge a CPN? What Site can I use? And what CC's can I apply for out the gate after the Tri-Merge? Now I know it takes time to build them up. But I'm trying to start fresh again. It'll be greatly appreciated
  8. If you have a legit VZ insider hit me we can make thousands daily ! Easy money make money from your couch !
  9. is there any way to buy btc from a hacked cc? full? something, anyone can share?
  10. I like the optimism about plenty more where this came from. The individual is getting along in their years and one thing I havent been able to find is any reference to social media at all. So I drive by at different times looking to see something and I can't even catch a car. Any ideas for getting the DL or state ID somehow? Washington state if that helps. Im in the process of getting a prepaid sim card which I hope along with the virtual credit card that I bought with bitcoins will enable me to do some new credit. Ill check google street view for the mailbox. If I was going to apply for credit after doing some research on places would it be best to apply to X number of places all in the same day? And is there a limit on that number? Thanks again
  11. I have SSN, dob, mmn, enough background data to have pulled a freecreditreport.com and a creditkarma.com One of the better profiles I've ever seen, not that I've seen that many. And the kicker is is that they live maybe 20 minutes away from me. I'm in a tight spot in life right now and I want to make this count if at all possible. I don't need to be rich from it but I'd like to get more than just a couple hundred. Last time I messed with something like this was a long time and they didn't have all the text verification that they do now among other new security measures. If anyone has some advice I'm all ears.
  12. Buy logs Amazon Germany Austria
  13. Should you buy dumps that’s in your region from smaller banks or more known big banks?! My other question is should you buy dumps from bins that’s issued out from the banks that’s around your region for better approve?!
  14. Anyone been successful with efiling taxes this year? I filed about 8 returns and there were accepted. A few days later the status says"your return is still being processed" and I will get a date when ready? I learned that no status bar and "still being processed" means there will be manual review. The full name on the bank do not match the full info name, sometimes only the last names match and still no luck. What am I doing wrong? Does the full name need to match? Is getting a prepaid card the better way? Should I get a business account? Any help?
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