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  1. Hi I am currently on my way to Toronto. I don't really know my way around there. But I am very experienced carder. Fraudster/launderer. I have experience with prepping documents for various types of things such as loans, installments, financing etc. I would like to meet a few people in toronto who would like to make a lot of money. I've hit Canada Revenue for over 40k one time. I have skills in lock picking with the right kind of tools. I also have skills in hacking. SQLi Injection, SHH Hacking, Javascript, C, and playing around with certain R.A.T. 's Now we can link up or do some mingling before discussing further details. I just need 1 person by my side and I will take good care of us. I will teach you alot of things that you don't know about and introduce you to alot of people who are very good business partners.
  2. Hello I got bank drop in Sweden, search for a bank loader. Send me message with your ICQ/Telegram Lets work
  3. Ready to cooperate, write to PM. Thanks in advance
  4. I made up my mind and am ready to cooperate
  5. for specification I am charging up the cards , topping up for drops to cash them. instantly USA DROPS only..
  6. need cashiers for the following storecards. USA ONLY Amazon Marcy's BestBUY Walmart GoodYEAR SEARS DELL VICTORIA SECRET KOHL'S OLD NAVY CARD TARGET JCPenny's Lowes PM me with your other storecards ,gift cards we will see PM
  7. Hello everyone, I will sell Ander Urmour Gift x $ 200. Write to pm.
  8. Sell Bitzlato, Coinmama (negotiable price), escrow ++
  9. Any cc cashier here is needed for hot work 1.No time wasting 2.Don't fuck up with us 3.Don't use our cc to paysite pm em
  10. Hey All! Im looking for someone who could help me getting started with carding. Yes, yes i know, read the forum, thats what ive been doing lately, but also seeking for some extra help, someone to ask questions, receive guidance from, point on topics to dig deeper, etc.. to accelerate the whole process. Of course exchange for the help\mentoring i offer a nice and fair cut. Serious minded fellas, semi pros\pros, are very welcome. "Lets card a new xbox game" or "Buy giftcards and sell them to make 20 bucks a day" type of kids please, NOPE Also interested in partnership, working for u, am here to listen any ideas, just please be serious, i have no time n energy to waste on idiots. I do not pay anything in advance, so rippers fuck off. Btw im EU based. PM me if you have something to say! Have a nice one!
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