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  1. PAGINA PARA COMPRAR GIFT CARS?? page to buy gift cars?
  2. Need partners from USA or canada to get bank drops for loading, and we make cool cash
  3. What is some CRUCIAL information that I will need for a high quality FULLZ? Information that is bound to get asked if was to trying to apply for a credit card or open a bank account with the FULLZ? Can anyone provide me with online services that I can use to obtain such information? What sites can I use to find MMN? How can I find more information on my FULLZ that will make my operation more like to succeed? ***I do not mind paying for your guide but it have to be information that I am not aware of yet.***
  4. I have some stock of worldwide fullz for sale. If you have questions or will like to buy, then you may contact me
  5. Selling verified Revolut and ICard accounts Others possible just ask (wirex, monese ect...) Revolut ---------- Includes all documents used during account creation Switched to phone number of your choice $180 Icard ---------- Includes all documents used during account creation Must ship sim card used during account creation so you can access account Without Debit card: $180 With Debit card: $230
  6. I need to buy in bulk a GGplay Gift Card. Do you need to sell please contact me
  7. we can help you clear your "deals". We have "friends" in some south european wu agency and in a energetic service provider (payment fake bills with cash exchange with money through bitcoin. From bank drop to wu transfer to btc. We take 50 %. We can bypass anti laundering act. In other words, we can handle gross amount of cash!
  8. the order is completed, I am satisfied!
  9. Hi I am currently on my way to Toronto. I don't really know my way around there. But I am very experienced carder. Fraudster/launderer. I have experience with prepping documents for various types of things such as loans, installments, financing etc. I would like to meet a few people in toronto who would like to make a lot of money. I've hit Canada Revenue for over 40k one time. I have skills in lock picking with the right kind of tools. I also have skills in hacking. SQLi Injection, SHH Hacking, Javascript, C, and playing around with certain R.A.T. 's Now we can link up or do some mingling before discussing further details. I just need 1 person by my side and I will take good care of us. I will teach you alot of things that you don't know about and introduce you to alot of people who are very good business partners.
  10. Hello I got bank drop in Sweden, search for a bank loader. Send me message with your ICQ/Telegram Lets work
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