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  1. best ts, as always everything is fine!
  2. you can close the topic
  3. Need 5-10k leads Switzerland . mobile numbers or if someone have Full Name + mobile nr.
  4. Kobra

    Bank accounts needed

    im also looking for these as well if you know a legit vendor for boa, wells, chase, capital etc logins ill point them out to me i know your rep on this site is good i trust your judgement
  5. 10-20k balance interest. u work % or your fix price? Pm me.
  6. Why do some carders prefer POS systems over regular cash registers? are POS systems more effective or most likely to work better than carding on a regular cash register? I noticed a lot of carders requesting cashiers or workers to use POS instead of going to normal cash registers.
  7. need zelle method pm me
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