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  1. yes, you heard everything right. I'll provide business fullz, you have to open and register business,+ then open business bank drop, so as we connect them to our websites gimme telegram if interested
  2. I also need accounts on specific merchants (I'll tell you websites). Let me know if you are able to open them. You just valid business fullz + intelligence and experience
  3. I have 1 UK ltd with personal banks old , without transactions . drops is apointed as director . If u have accauntant who can create invoises and process to loan PM me .
  4. Personal . 1. xalifax , monzo - linked 2. llouyds , santander , nationwide - I can arange UK bizness higth street bank drops 4-6 + . Looking who can send scam transfers or transfer that not die fast . Looking long time partners there is many guys araund who take bbl and looking for scam job now. For faster payments cashout u must know the way . We dont have linked corps in EU , we can link some personal or open some extra Uk biznes pripaid banks .
  5. Need Uk bank transfer guy. Payment by escrow.
  6. Sale account Luxsocks Balance - 60$ Price - 300$
  7. I can cash Non VBV US & EU to BTC within 24 hours. I neeed only card number, validity date and CVV. BTC you get same day, within 24 hours. Best US bins: 510404, 521870, 485804, Best UK bins:535463, 446291, 530072 EU: Germany and France only. please cards must be valid non public. PM contacts.
  8. Anyone got u.k. cvv ? I will buy one and if all is ok i want them regularly.
  9. Anyone have an extra working FB account?
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