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  1. Hello all How do i add balance to my account? i dont see any section for that !
  2. any one who can do this should message me ! No time wasters please.
  3. Can anyone tell me a way to find out if BINs are regionally locked besides testing them out
  4. I wrote to you in pm 2 days ago, but you do not answer
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to verify worldRemit with fake id but I'm not getting it, I always verify coinbase or Revolut Monese, but with Worldremit not working, is it possible to use fake id in Worldremit? thanks
  6. any one has a good idea to get daily 10-20 $ from carding ?
  7. I saw a video on YouTube of a person demonstrating how to collect card data, remotely with a long range RFID reader device. He hid it in a shoulder hung laptop bag, on his side. He walked through a food court at a shopping mall, and collected like 60 CC numbers. I don't know how much data he retrieved, but according to him, carders would be able to use that person's card by cloning it. I assume track 1 and 2 was retrieved by the device. Does anyone here know about this and how to do it? What devices does someone need to do this and how to set it all up to begin collecting card data?
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