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  1. I look for Brazilian ccs in large quantity for new shop cc I looking resellers if u have it contact me in private
  2. I don't sell anything, my friend gave me some American non vbv, I hope to give it to experienced carder to use it. Of course, people with some prestige in the forum can get it. (Because I can't tell who is the experienced carder). So don't complain, the reality is so ruthless
  3. Selling 2 accounts N26 country Germany. With cards !!!
  4. Buy fresh logs US pp
  5. I am in the USA and I am able to take care of your needs. Please PM so we can get to work.
  6. I have loads of cards and all the opsec but still have no idea on how to use bins i get what they are just dont understand how to use them when carding. PLEASE DONT COMMENT ASKING FOR PM JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION BELOW Thanks
  7. Can anyone tell me which are live right now?
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