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  1. reliable and was happy to work and very fast.
  2. need cards for drops, can you organize?
  3. I am looking for a partner that needs DROPS to receive packages, transfers, cloned cards and services that work in Mexico. If anyone is interested in doing business, I could start with a small quantity shipment to make sure that I offer a legal collaboration, I would send what was agreed in BTC. I do not ask for anything given away, I make my collaboration available.
  4. Specifics will be discussed with loader, whom I wil connect you to.
  5. hit me up for reliable drop and lets talk business
  6. I have simple account ready hit me up if you can load up
  7. Have Belgium and UK sort code and acc numbers. How can load up it let know. About % we will talk instant payout.
  8. Netherlands, Belgium, German iban drops available for transfers.
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