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  1. i need amex card, need 10-20 card per week. 1k min, maximum 20k 1 transfer, load 3-6 time. need 55% btc same day when its available. i can use people only garantee pay back my share%. contact PM your telegram, jabber.
  2. How legit You use this site
  3. Aside from stash I need a back up
  4. looking for people who can use credit cards I have a business for you PM me if you want
  5. Can someone help me with where to buy cards and how to get started on carding and drop any other ways to help me get money
  6. I can help cashout paypal credit. write me pm
  7. I'm rather new. UK PM me, got plenty of funds for CCs
  8. So I got the CC#, Exp date, and CID#. What else do I need? I know person's name but not he name on card. Pipl led me to their DOB. Whitepages premium has their address but I don't have an account. I also have their SSN. What's the best thing to do with this info? If you can help me out I will give you all this info so you can use it.
  9. I have a bunch of Fullz. Whats the best tool to check if the CC are still working without the CC holder will notice?
  10. can anyone help me can someone explain how to use cvv/fullz?? if you know a guide pls link it
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