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  1. I will buy vcc of any amounts with no chargebacks, pm me
  2. i have non vbv gateway and i'm open to cashout all your non vbv and vbv card . it's better to cash there instead of doing order and get cancelled after . as soon as payment is confirmed , you are 100% you will get your money . contact me if interested ..
  3. worked together, the seller keeps everything on the level, recommend 100%
  4. Hello guys, I have been working on stripe but lately it doesn't work anymore for me. Almost all charges are getting blocked by radar. Im using linksphere and luxsocks to do the charges. Can someone please help me with what I'm doing wrong? Should I change my software or anything else? Please help me with this and I will share a % of the profits. Or we can exchange info
  5. I`m looking who have CHIME acc with balance I can cash out 1h time payout BTC 70 % Your side 30% my side 1 chime acc max 2500 usd can withrawn per day So if 2 chime acc = 5000 usd per day max 4 acc we can do per day.
  6. Please if you know about any of this 2 sites kindly let me know. Are they legit or scam sites. hackedtools.site,/jeruxlogs.site
  7. We provide an extended service for the sale of POS terminals Verifone Vx510-VeriFone Vx670. About the equipment: Write in themselves 1.2 tracks with magnetic stripe + pin. Uploading of information through the cable. Support for popular currencies. Multiple languages, including Russian. Extensive menu of receipt settings - company name, address, phone number, terminal ID, and so on. The collected database does not have a range, which evades almost 100% working out of dumps. About the service: Delivery set: POS terminal, charging, cable, software for downloading and decoding information from the POS. For a fee, you can make adjustments to the firmware for your convenience. The person who contacted me receives an extensive introductory course on working with POS, + constant technical support at every stage of work. Also included with the POS is a General course of real carding, which addresses all relevant questions about 201 material, anti-fraud, range, ways to find the right ATM for the work of 201, etc . Thus, a person acquires a device and a set of knowledge for further fruitful work in this direction. Just talk for a living, or semolina porridge costs $200 a day-throw the cache on the guarantor and I'm talking to you at least about the weather on the satellites of Saturn: eek:k: Conditions: For the price in PM, the software is not public-tested for years! For contacts in the PM. He is not one in the PM - jaberi etc do not write and do not suggest that. Verification of contacts in the PM. Confirmation of Receipt of payment details in private MESSAGES. Transaction-100% prepayment-or a guarantee. I am not responsible for transactions not confirmed in the forum BOS !
  8. OK ) I'm a newbie noobie, you can see. But There should be a first place to learn, a? Any details on your reaction, please ?
  9. We have a big team of drops in EU. We are working with WU, SEPA and instant IBAN payments. Also we can accept your Post and send it to you. Working fast and quality. First contact in pm.
  10. how can get into a login without it saying dont recgonize device....does anybody sell chase login with email?
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