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  1. Is anyone familiar with making fake id's or a list of things I need to make fake id's
  2. cardvilla and cardmafia admin are corrupted? or are Scam forum?
  3. Hi everyone, i come in this wold from some year in last time i see different service from other important forum cardmafia/cardvilla; I see differente service btc x 2 /netteller money trasnfer/WU transfer ; he accept escrow and there are more feedback! is scam? the admin/escrow is the seller and made scam?
  4. Hi, When swipe 201 dumps, i have the message "technical problem" on pos (Atos-Yomani). Can anyone tell me what this message means ? (dump decline ? magstripe problem ?) Thx for help
  5. i am new to carding, and i am planning to use non vbv cards to card a non 3d secure USA site... please pm me if you have one.... thanks in advance
  6. Does anyone know where I can find a CC dump/DB to download?
  7. As the title i need someone who can send me paypal funds £300-500. Must be sent from UK accounts. Vendor must have reputation and feedback somewhere on this or another forum so don't PM me telling me you can do it when you have no rep you'll be ignored. Again reputation is very important, messers don't waste time Need vendor from early next week. Thank you guys and gals x
  8. linken sphere + https://luxsocks.ru Out of commission Add the S5 IP + port, and the browser cannot be opened after saving.. Asking for help
  9. China's bitcoin website does not exchange brothers where you recharge bitcoin can you tell me?
  10. how are things with worldpay?
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