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  1. Hello, ive got different drops in Sweden. Send me a private message if there is any job we can do! kind regards
  2. Looking for verified Coinbase accounts with full access. Or if you can set it up for me. Will pay decent $$ or give a % when i load it and cash out.
  3. Sell, buy, exchange wallet.dat from Bitcoin core with a lost password. redeem your wallet.dat files Available files 1.08 2.2 3.04 5.03 5.05 8.5 11.3 14 15.9 22.8 25.9 26 27 28.3 28.32 30.9 31.1 31.4 32.8 47 49.94 57 69 70 75 78 107 108 131 150 159 169 198 340 576 900 1000 2612 2998 10000 69000 bitcoins 1500 1700 6000 8000 31000 37000 Ethereum. Some have logs and information, there are video reviews of wallets, lost passwords for withdrawal. I can provide any evidence, guarantee of balance, return.
  4. Hello! I have full (root)-access to several big and middle companies servers. Would you like to buy RCE (Remote Code Execution) Vulnerabilities in: 1. precisely.com - (fresh Capital One Bank data found hosted on theirs servers) 2. supplyframe.com - Other projects like DesignLab, Hackaday, Tindie are included 3. archivevalley.com - Full access. 4. krypc.com - Much financial information. 5. colmar.it - All the thing unencrypted on the servers. The full list is much bigger. If you are interested, i can send you a full version. Also i will be able to provide all the proofs you need before you purchase. I also would like to sell an iCatch DVR RCE + RCI (Remote Commands Injection) exploit code in python language. Shodan dork for this devices is: http.html_hash:"1640961097" As you can see ~150 000 devices are affected Please message me if you want to buy something Also include to email the suitable for you price and items you want to buy.
  5. waiting for an answer, sent a message
  6. Searching for Western Union Drops with your names and ANY NAME Contact here on forum; Write it like this form. 1. Countrys wich can be pick up with your names. 2. Countrys wich can be pick up with my names (ANY NAME). 3. Which time can be worked. 4. Time for pick up. 5. Percent for your service.
  7. Is anyone familiar with making fake id's or a list of things I need to make fake id's
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