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  1. Im looking to buy a specific link from Canada, that link also can be in all GEO, not only in Canada, year of logs doesnt matter if the account is live! I need valid account + cookies for it. I'll provide the link only at private message. Im gonna explain in details how to check, if the account is live and good one. Need per 1-2 days from 50-100 account's with that link. Paying from 2$-5$+ per log. Guarantor can be used not a issue here! Contacts telegram/jabber only at private message!
  2. Looking for someone to show me where i can find trade lines and how to apply them to a cpn.
  3. found? looking too
  4. I trying to card $200+ Best Buy gift Ecard but can't seem to get success! I've tried using matching BILL=IP and clearing cookies with Debit Platinum Visa Also PSA/FYI: bargaingiftcard ask for 2 IDs for proof and don't even try giftcards.com! Can anyone share which shops and/or bins they had success with carding ANY egiftcards? I can't seem to find any
  5. what is left to card with no cvv? amazon got a giffy 1 time and zappos clip.
  6. I need bank accounts with full info, high balances and credit scores available. PM me for details.
  7. And just who is selling the old chips normal debit and credit cards? What's the right name for it? Or does it look one in one that dumps?
  8. Dedics do not stock up, and they often die. On a VM, it just cuts from the shoulder, it still burns. I use socks. Country US / EU there are no such troubles.
  9. interesting question on creating ba usa online, the main problem is the lack of drops in usa
  10. I am too not a resident of the Ru, made an acc to my number, tied a card and replenished my qiwi wallet from it.
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