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  1. I need a person from the US who can get my Cash App card and send me a photo of it.
  2. Hi guys I'm looking for someone to help me to learn how to work dumps into physical cards I have seen a couple of threads on here but I would like more info on equipment and setup, I'm in the uk so people in the uk preferred but I'm open to suggestions
  3. Looking for connections to volume buyers of accounts or profiles. PM me if you have and I'll cut you in for a %.
  4. SELL Greendot $1200 BALANCE Sell account with balance : Full info , e-mail , voice No VCC Price 300$ Guarantee +++
  5. Looking for Canadian banks td.com cibc.com simplii.com Only log:pass, without SQ. The first deal only through the guarantor of the forum.
  6. Hi, Im looking for Rare No-VBV Bins, with High Balance I DON'T WANT ARGENTINA/USA/URUGUAY and others useless or blacklisted country ////////// I want cards which pass minimum 250, up to 5k or more. Please im not interested by public or already known bins, I need to know where i can buy it. If your shit is great, we will earn money. Ready for buisness, I accept also escrow deals (teamviewer or others.), Please no time waster, im ready to pay btc if your shit is good.
  7. Impressions about the work are only positive. I wish your business endless prosperity.
  8. Any one here can work usa uk and japan fullz
  9. What's the best vending site to buy good fresh dumps from?
  10. Hi, Does anyone know a place where one can purchase aged email preferably 10 days and a disposable phone numbers for verification and so on. I found several services and was wondering what was the well rated ones according to the crd community. Please do leave your reviews and preferred ones. Thanks in advance.
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