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  1. Impressions about the work are only positive. I wish your business endless prosperity.
  2. Any one here can work usa uk and japan fullz
  3. What's the best vending site to buy good fresh dumps from?
  4. Hi, Does anyone know a place where one can purchase aged email preferably 10 days and a disposable phone numbers for verification and so on. I found several services and was wondering what was the well rated ones according to the crd community. Please do leave your reviews and preferred ones. Thanks in advance.
  5. can you still punch in 201 numbers at pos systems
  6. Hi pls my account has been pending verification about a week now. Admin pls check and do something about it. Thanks!
  7. Hello guys thanks for all the info you guys have on this forum. My question is this if I am skimming cards with a device in the city they live will have A easier time checking out. I am skimming track2 with msr device. Also any info using Amex and World Elite cards.
  8. does anyone know spoof app or website that allow to spoof 1800 number (bank)
  9. USA pick up person needed only serious person Pm if you can make fake ID that will match any name i will Provide Apple 11 pro and Macbook pro only
  10. What do we do guys? We are finished..... Isn't there something to do? And how realistic is this? When are they planning this? What do you mean by that?
  11. Thanks for your reply!! I was thinking in 2 strategies. 1- Buy a dongle and a prepaid SIM. activate it with a fake name and card using that dongle. The problem is that I can't find a dongle here in my country. I can buy one in ebay or amazon but with my personal account, I don't know if it a good idea, I don't know if dongles have some kind of serial number or something that can link the internet connection to the person that bought the dongle (me). 2- Buy a burner phone for cash and a prepaid SIM, use the burner phone with plane mode on and wifi off and card using just the internet from the prepaid SIM. Install a VPN in the burner phone. Use my lap top with the burner phone internet connection and card that way. What do you think about those 2 strategies? and also super important: where do I card? some user have told me that if I use a burner phone I should not card in my house so where? Do I go to a public place?
  12. How do you usually do your carding operations? Do you connect to the internet using a dongle? Would you recommend a newbie like me to card using an internet dongle?
  13. looking for coder who can work in the editor Pine
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