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  1. I am trying to ask a serious question here bro, what is the problem? Hi bro, thanks for your reply. What do you think about opening a gambling account in a site like bet365 for example and fund it with my annonymus BTC, play everyday just to disguise the op and then cash out small amounts of money on a monthly basis to my bank account? the deposits would come from let's say bet365.com so it appears more legit ...
  2. hello guys .who can help me how to check balance of cc whit out killing cc? I'm interested to find the balance but to stay alive after checking the balance for another week.bcz only then i use it.need this time to buy and embossed card!
  3. I will be living with my girlfriend in Central America for the next 12 months. Do you guys think that US LE would start investigating someone that lives in Central America (Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama) based on a carding setup that makes USD 30k a month? How safe are those 4 for countries for a carder? Is it true that US LE won’t care about a fraud case that makes less than a million bucks a month?
  4. Does anyone knows how can i sell my card to Epicmarket?
  5. you know any good method to check cvv without kill it???
  6. I haven't been part of the game for quite a while but I just spent 3 weeks stockpiling some chase logs and paypal logs with pretty good balances from my spamming set up (any paypal account over $3,000 balance is not for sale, those I keep and work myself). Plenty are up for sale, partners are considered if you're bringing something useful into the deal. Send me you ICQ or message me here.
  7. Anybody selling brute force logs with username/password? PM me please. If you don' have shop, you don't have rep, then escrow!
  8. I loaded up on unicc anyone can look out with a good debit bin?
  9. Hi, I need revolut verified accounts UK/EUROPE 2k minimum job, so who has a revolut account and wants to make quick cash just contact me, I will leave my details below, NO TIMEWASTERS! SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY!!
  10. last hero


    How safe is Zoom now?
  11. last hero


    Is there a demand for verified Revoult accounts?
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