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  1. Hi there Guys as you know when you create a new Gmail or Yahoo email account for a US based CC ,they ask for a SMS verification. How to verify that and please tell me which service you are using for receiving verification SMS? Thx
  2. Hi people. So i need a macbook for my home studio due to mine being stolen and insurance proving useless. if someone can help me card a 4k order i will pay £1000 cash direct to bank. if anyone can help hit me up
  3. Need recent birth certificate.I will change the info before using it. Pm if want to collaborate
  4. Urgent Need of a guy who has the best cpn method with tradeline..5000 dollar is waiting for you....be quick..
  5. LUXSMS hello, New service for spam sms, we provide private accounts for sending bulk SMS. -countries available : FR=0.11€ custom sender (not bank not operator) UK=0.12€ custom sender (not bank not operator) NL=0.12€ custom sender (not bank not operator) ES=0.12€ custom sender (not bank not operator) BR=0.04€ random short code USA=0.035€ longcode CANADA=0.035€ longcode PERU=0.06€ random short code or longcode PL=0.07€ custom sender (not bank not operator) Norway=0.11€ custom sender (not bank not operator) PRICE PER SMS IN EURO € (payment BTC) flexibility of tariffs according to quantities, others countries available on request ,contact me PM. thank you.
  6. Hey dudes and ladies if we have one lol. guys if u have us prepaids D+P and dont know what to do hit me up for fast efective cashout only us and only for short time. Good luck all in business !
  7. D+P Regular usually hit 2-3 transaction..
  8. Hello guys. If You interesting and looking for long term Chime cashier then You found it! We provide fastest cashout sevice for chime VCC! And lookimg on long term partners. We have many customers and we can provide proofs. We will not share out methode. We pay btc your side 30 minute time or Max 1h depend. If you interested then txt Us.
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