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  1. Looking for a good guide on tex refunds. Or a good forum that covers the subject.
  2. I've only had sucess 6 hits with bestbuy pick up out of probably 30 times. The cards are valid as I checked AVS but they said it couldnt pass their auto payment system. Some thing for adobe free trail, it says billing info incorrect even tho AVS matches
  3. Hello searching for a seller of cloned cc's and or bank accounts with a physic card which can be deliverd to my drops in Germany. Do you recommend someone or do you sell it yourself? Please xontact me! Searching for a longterm business relationship. Thanks
  4. Hello guys how do I get SSN n DOB? THANK YOU
  5. i have a lot of non vbv bins, most of them are US usually $ 2000 without problems and still work now i want nonvbv bins other than US if ur interested, please contact me
  6. Thank you so much! everything is as always at its best!
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