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    which items in credit card are checked for online purchase? if name is wrong but all other info right will charge work? i read that only information that matters is card number, the address, and 3 digit code.
  2. Hello anyone have or can create cc images for printing on plastics please pm
  3. Carding actual merchants has been dead for a few years now you should ideally be carding your own payment tunnels and or merchant accounts, you will always control the level of AF systems (to an extent) in those scenarios and will be able to cashout regardless of any 3d-jew secure they create
  4. I don't think you are a douche, I think you are telling the truth to a newbie and that is cool. I understand that scams are everywhere here. I wanted to start doing self carding, building my own fake store and card it to get the funds in the Stripe account and cash it out, some users have told me that if I am a newbie I should not be self carding because it is way to advanced for me. What method to do virtual carding do you recommend for newbies?
  5. I have read some guides but most of the methods are outdated. Do you guys knows any method to start carding e codes or gift cards? I would like to card a gift card that could be cashed out online to BTC, I don't want to buy any physical gift cards and don't want to get anything in the mail haha.
  6. better let it lie down a couple of days
  7. it's not about protecting merchants, but how do you know the name of the merchandise that the shop uses?
  8. How to understand which merch uses a shop?
  9. well, it’s not just that they took him away, he knows why, I added motivation to him
  10. they will return the money - I will return the passports, wallets not pay me a debt
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