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  1. Lots of stuff. Ready to work. I am waiting for details in PM
  2. Came across this method while researching. And I thought I had a dead card, but it added to postmates. I then removed it and tried a card I KNOW was dead and it didn't work. It said "the card was declined" That means the first card is live, correct?
  3. Does anybody have shops that sell CCs from India ?
  4. FlameHost


    It would be nice
  5. FlameHost


    Tell me, is there such software that can brut shells?
  6. holder billing shipping ru drop The fact that it’s not a shop suffers, I also agree, but I think not KH. There is an idea that the shop merchant is somehow insured by cunning, but I can’t say this
  7. Why СH? Payment takes place without using VBV pass, it is simply skipped with a button (do not add now), or just processing. VBV pass in fact is not used, or am I not understanding something?
  8. I made a rather round amount from the shop in a short time, but the shop continues to give new tracks every day. Why is the shop still alive, and who incurs losses in this scheme? (shop / merch / bank or?)
  9. FlameHost


    Hi, are there any guys who work with WU?
  10. buy an account for $ 100
  11. I'm interested in the installation and configuration process, who has already done it?
  12. Buy cc + vbv / bins nonvbv, all but US
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