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  1. Can I get this list for an exchange of tips ?
  2. Hi, Out of lets say the 30 online shops I have came across regarding a certain product, There have been two that do not require vbv but do require custom/admin verification. Would this be a more suitable method of carding if you got spare cards on hand with no special bin
  3. Does anyone know a site like mailbait that actually works? Or any email bombing software?
  4. Hey, I’m willing to learn new shit and get started in the carding game just want to know if there is anyone willing to show me the way, we could always work and keep making this bread. I don’t need no rippers if you a ripper you could scram serious people only.
  5. Do you guys know if when doing purchases with paypal credit it will ask for cvv at some point? I heard someone saying to me max I can buy with paypal credit is 800$ without them asking for linking cvv but I have my doubts.
  6. Hi, I've been using Jokers stash now and Im a beginner in carding, i decided to start with online carding, I follow the rules like change email/ip and clear browser everytime. But only my first card worked on Twitch.tv. It was american express, but the second and third which were Visa/Mastercard went something like this, if someone can help me I would be really appreciative. Im just getting declined on every shop or going through this 2 factor bank security.
  7. What's up. Anyone know of good bins for WU ???
  8. can you generate a cvv for no cvv pieces?
  9. looking for amex сс 1 pc, valid, for Voip
  10. At what rate will Amazon write off money from my card?
  11. Worked through a guarantor, everything went well
  12. in the browser and in general everything works, does not work in nox
  13. please tell me how to start a proxy from vip72 to knox? I registered it in the proxyfire rules from VIP, it seems like the connection is on, but by the end the ip does not change anyway
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