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  1. What vendor do you recommend for high quality fullz profiles for loans, bank drops etc.. thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Im looking for a experience partner have D+P 101,102. cashout with ATM 50/50 I can install Skimmer on ATM if my partner have Skimmer and want to Skimmer ATM here. My country is VietNam , maybe china , japan, asia dumps good works I have MSR 206 ( Just dumps 101 ) .
  3. I also wrote to him, he does not answer
  4. Can the US BIN be available to Taiwan's ATM work? Which BIN or country can provide work to Taiwan ATM
  5. I'm looking to learn about skimmers, can anybody tell me where I can find ?
  6. I need know the difference or any things i should be doing /remember to order to ensure a successful out come when using a charge card instead of a credit card? What are the differences? what are the pro's and cons?
  7. Looking for person that know how to sim swap to get code text. Pm me thank you.
  8. Hi, I have a quick question about dump service code 221, particularly the second '2'. As far as I can see, it stands for "Transactions are authorized by issuer and should be online." What does that mean? Can a dump with 221 service code be used for online purchases, or does it literally mean that the issuing bank will always be contacted to authorize?
  9. and if not very good knowledge of the language to correspond with those shop support?
  10. Who knows a good way to find shops?
  11. in addition to the card requires: - scan of the passport holder / application form - pin - codeword - SIM card - access to the Internet bank
  12. Greetings. Tell me how else can I find a shop with the merch I need. The pictures are not always successful, as many shops do not put these pictures on their hands. How to find such shops?
  13. Also interested in USAA Firm + Account (with all the data)
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