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  1. Looking for a supplier that has THIN lens (.1mm to .19mm) Many sellers on Alibaba but all too thick. send me a pm!
  2. Do you mean that they can contact my bank from usa / eu / asia? ... They can report a fraudulent transaction from any country to my country?
  3. But is there a risk of report the transaction, even if it is a dump from a distant country? ... Would the money swipe in anyway?
  4. Hello ... I have a question... I will use foreign dumps at my personal point of sale ... I want to know if the foreign dumps have risks? ... Can they make chargeback?... tHANKS
  5. Also my personal old cc has contactless payment. So every time I swipe it just gets onto that
  6. So I got my MSR ready. 1. Can I use a gift card, old personal cc, any other cards and rewrite the tracks? 2. I’m in Canada Ontario can I use BINs from the states? 3. So I short out the emv chip then I can get it to swipe right? 4. Do BINs matter if I’m using it to swipe? 5. Do I need to rewrite the tracks to use for different stores?
  7. There are several business accounts of usa (bofа, chase) with online. also a few personal bofа. I'll give it in good hands
  8. Tell VPN for safe work. Whatever the logs, and without disconnection.
  9. Staples


    recently it seems to have seen a similar mat, I will find send you
  10. I’ve been looking for a week now and can’t find any info, everyone says that it’s a bad idea, like it’s not fashionable
  11. that is, if you take it on someone else’s scan, it may not work?
  12. Staples


    buy sim usa
  13. 3k per month or 3k transaction limit of one? If you send 5800 in the amounts of 2900 and 2900, then you’ll credit them? Do you mean a declaration of origin of money? If the docs are requested and I don’t give them docs, can I just close the account and take the money?
  14. It will probably surprise you if you tell him the merch, and what’s climbing there)
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