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  1. How do you burn the chip how much Power do you need to burn it or with what?
  2. I have the software, are you interested on doing business ?
  3. You cannot clone the EMV. Well you can but its useless since the coding on the card changes every time it gets used on an ATM machine... So by the time you make ur clone the chip will be already re-written from the ATM. This system was implemented on 1'st of January 2019, you can google it .
  4. In Europe The Swipe Is dead. You cannot make payments or go on the ATM machine with the stripe anymore... At least from were I'm from The EMV system made it impossible to clone credit cards. The chip changes It's info on every transaction so you can't really clone that! If anyone has an idea on how to clone the chip, share the info plz?
  5. The ATM's on my country request a card with the chip and they dont have any swipe options. Not even the POS at stores they dont have the swipe option either....
  6. You cant use that on an ATM machine you need the track 3 aswell and the chip card cloned witch cannot be done... In short it is impossible to clone credit cards anymore. Now the EMV Software is coming up so it makes it a thing of the past.
  7. The chip The chip changes every time you use it. It re-writes ... It's impossible to clone it.
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