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  1. Hi ive been reading around on this forum and alot of people have said you would need socks5 for carding. Ive looked around youtube but everyone is speaking hindi could someone explain how to use socks5 and where i could get it .
  2. you would need a socks5 proxy or an app that can do the same
  3. @Force i tried with 2 banks and they ask for account number? do you get that info for cvv?
  4. by bin checker do you mean figure out the first six digits if so why would a checker be needed
  5. great tut but wont it get declined 100% of times if your not using CC owner adress?
  6. best way to get socks5? i heard 911.re is a good program that does it all but is there any out there you guys recommend before i buy 911.re
  7. @Panther hey i tried a few bins but nothing pops up all it says is ======== Result ======== in red and nothing else
  8. what is the account number?
  9. thanks man worked for nextflix
  10. Hi im looking for some uk cardable sites. I have seen a few around but they are outdated. any good food,clothes,electronics and giftcard websites? lets help each other out
  11. Answering no. 2 : I've looked around and the best ones carders use is 911.re
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