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    I been trying to pm for a us test card but cant find it.
  2. Lately all ive gotten was generated bunk so after losing a couple hundred(if you want sites that scammed me pm) im going to the i want a dump i can read first and chech west coast in store then ill buy more. I know what a generated dump looks like so ill know if bad.
  3. I can pay but my house just burnt down and ive lost everything but my car. I have a little btc but i also need to pay for a hotel till red cross helps me figure out whats next. its been 2 days and i havent slept and my thinking isnt up to %100 yet so please bear with me.
  4. trying to learn to card anyone wanna help me on how to do it, how to be safe, what sites etc etc, willing to pay, uk only
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