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  1. Hello carding brothers. Anyone with experience in cashing out paypal accounts? If you teach me a working method, I will give you 50% of my total revenue from it. Serious offers only please.
  2. It's real brother. I've been trying to make this shit work non-stop for a week, and after trying 10 cc finally got my first one. This forum has all you need. Don't pay for tutorials, read what people say. You need around $1-200 for the cards, and most of the cards you'll get are burned, but don't get discouraged. Find a reliable vendor. Test and analyze. Persistence is key.
  3. Never got a live card on empire despite trying numerous times. These guys just generate cc. Scammers include: money007, friskmint, miomentor. The only real fraud on empire is the fraud section.
  4. I hope you find someone reliable. Also been looking for a while. Beware the people who joined this forum very recently and offer cc. Most of them are scammers. PM me brother, I'm interested.
  5. I'm looking for verified paxful accounts. I can pay up to $100 depending on the number of trades & feedback. The account must date before November 2019. Please message me if have one.
  6. Supreme. Probably one of the best things you can read as a beginner carder. Well fucking done brother.
  7. Curious of your method. Could you pm me or share icq?
  8. Carders! If you have a verified paxful account with at least 100 feedback, 90+% positive, I will pay you $100 for it.
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