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  1. https://cardingforum.co/threads/deutschland.72263/
  2. i tested also.. everything looks like normal but when u wrote some more messages like a conversation its looks like automated system or bots. they are serously answering. sometimes humans are typing sometimes not. escrow is also fake. still waiting and writing the last four days with something but always same answer and than nothing happens.. when i ve an update, i will send u but at the moment looks like a fake... Scammer: Clearnet link: hiddenmarketplace.org / Onion links: hidden24vowyrcic.onion / hidden24tha4plsx.onion
  3. https://cardingforum.co/threads/hidden-market-place.146649/post-388812
  4. oh yes i think also that is one person... reviews... u can wrote one if u buyed or not, you just need to be logged in, when u r logged out its not seen.. when u r back logg in.. its there.. support (escrow / partner and advertising)... i think automatic mailsystem and some kind of bots.. same to the vendors... automatic mailsystem and bots... just the support departement looks like sometimes write the owner... just look that picture readable from down to up... that u can understand what i mean with bots...
  5. https://cardingforum.co/threads/hidden-market-place.146649/post-388812
  6. pm me with the following informations : COUNTRY: 1xSpain and 1xGermany full register, identified and limit realeased AGE OF THE ACCOUNT: one is 8 years and other i think two years AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT WENT THROUGH ACCOUNT: something between 2k and 4k
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