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  1. You can't withdraw without a pin. The emv writes the emv chip.
  2. An MSR is a magnetic stripe reader. It's mostly used on dumps for swiping. It's alternative is an emv chip reader that can be used on dumps for ATM withdrawals ...but you need an emv software for this to work effectively
  3. Bro you don't have the software stop capping
  4. Shiiiii I was a Lil bit high on the xan...and saw crash any flight in the world... I was like hold up
  5. Am in contact with A company from china and they can build a payment processor linked to their merchant bank and they process payments to processor owners in bitcoin. The total cost is $8500 and the processor is a 2D processor for cards worldwide. Message me if youre down for this ...we can join funds and cop a processor then cashout our CC's endlessly
  6. If youre in the US and you have money to invest on this plug. Hit me up. Note you only pay the total price of $3500 when the card has been recieved with your name on it. Amex black card is an invitation only card and we all know what the pecs are if you dont a lil google search will help. This methods gets you approved for the card with a synthetic identity and the process takes about 2-3weeks. Amex black card has high spending limits and cash advance limit too, and all thats needed to get you one is your name .
  7. You got to be ready for the call i got approved for 18k i answered all questions with the info i got.. Afterr all said and done few hours later i got an email my loan will be disbursed in two -three days. And one main has the option of depositing to any account
  8. Bro I was able to get loan $11k is it safe to use my account to receive the amount or I use a drop? Please respond boss am eager to know this is huge to me as I have come this far
  9. It's obvious it gets deposited to a bank its on his second screen shot.
  10. Developer dns. Is like a hack into the site's developer mainframe. You dont expect to see something like that on google. its a new shiii
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