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  1. Lol dude i wish i had seen this 2 days ago. I got got by miomentor and friskmint. Miomentor was good at communicating and answering questions but cards were dead af...and im running all premium service opsecs so i know it wasnt me... currently in search of legit serious vendors. If i find I'll update, if u do please keep me posted.
  2. Guys, i jus got taken from scammer groul JBins on telegram..his chat on telegram username is purebredhustla...dont be fooled. He helps you and gives free advice and tries to ddop knowledge on you and then soon as u ask for an item he posts for sale and claims been sold, he blocks and ghosts you.. dont get got guys! Stay woke!
  3. It is an exit scam. Its a good thing i zero'd out my balance
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