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  1. this method is very simple 1. You will need an valid gmail account already for this trick i'm going to say that my gmail account is this as an example: pro.carder06@gmail.com 2. After you already have a valid gmail account you will need to go to this site: Click Here 3. When you in that site you going to want to put the username of your valid gmail account for example mine will be pro.carder06 without @gmail.com put that in the generator (Just put your valid gmail on that site and click generate) 4. the site will generate tons of mails you want to use those gmails for anything you need and you will receive the messages on your valid email all the messages people send to those generated emails i will receive it on my valid email that it is pro.carder06@gmail.com so copy any of those generated email from the site and you will receive the email message on your valid gmail
  2. First thing register on https://www.twilio.com/ and then create project. Find the "buy number" option Pick a country and remember to tick the SMS option too. Now you should have a number. To see SMS messages, go to the # (Phone Numbers) option -> Active numbers Click on the number and proceed to "Messages log". Remember to change "Outcoming" to "Incoming". NOTE: If you need to verify Google, use a UK number! THIS METHOD BEEN GOING AROUND FOR A FEW NOW I DECIDED TO LET Y'ALL KNOW FOR THE PEOPLE THAT DON'T KNOW AND TIRED OF USING TextNow
  3. Firstly all leave a like and then if you want you can PM ME by following me
  4. If want more then PM ME And leave a like and comment http://uploaded.net/file/17bqvxbd
  5. I can be your partner just PM me
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