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  1. Would you mind PMing me? I'm looking for a gift card site, I'd really appreciate any help
  2. I'm gonna get some fresh cards tomorrow, I'd be willing to share profits if you'd share your method?
  3. So I'd started talking to a guy from this forum he was going by the name of Redhat on here and Handofg0d on Tele, had an arrangent with him to send $50 USD for some CC's and info to which he's now blocked me after sending. I understand this is my own fault I knew the risk and took it I'm simply posting here to make others aware and to avoid the same happening to them. This was the last of my money that I was trying to use to get into carding so I didn't have to struggle day to day anymore. I thought all of this was supposed to be about beating the system not each other
  4. Is this still working? if so do you have any info on where i could get an aged paypal account please??
  5. I've looked on paysend but I have no idea how to navigate the site!
  6. Im looking to get started in all this mate, fancy a chat about it PM?
  7. I was meaning like the I pay somebody in BTC and they send me the
  8. I've been looking at PayPal Flips recently the usual 20-25% BTC - PayPal sort of thing. I'm wondering about the risks involved in this and wanting to know if it's safe to use your personal PayPal?(aged, verified, many transactions etc) I've been in a tight spot recently and could use a quick one off cash boost and I'd only use a verified vendor with escrow for this. Any help is appreciated, many thanks.
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