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  1. I can either give you msr data (digital copy), bins, dumps track1/2, like you said, or I can just ship some cards to you. Pm me
  2. Will you like to buy anything from me, I have just about everything !!
  3. I am no experience person with these thing but I known ways to do cash app scam.. send me message . Sorry, bad English
  4. Same, all I need is a bank statement and an ID, then I could be making all that money like they are
  5. If you can create an account and shi for me, I am willing to pay, I'm talking $500 and that's negotiable. Im desperate lol
  6. I Let's say I have a friend who is willing to give their account information to me in exchange for a final cut in the cash out, could I deposit the loan into their account, use their bank card to withdraw it, and have them report it for identity fraud??? Is that a good method?
  7. But wouldn't the bank account that you deposit the loan into have to pay off the loan?????
  8. Same man, I have the same questions. Like what do I do towards cash out once I get the loan??? If you find out before me man, please pm me!
  9. What do you do with the loan once approved? Can you pm me please!
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