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  1. don't have any other way to contact you?
  2. I will cash out your fullz, whether you want products or cash. It all depends on the info you have gotten, some of it I can get myself if you do not have. But if you need help in cashing out then drop me a follow and i'll be sure to get back to you.
  3. Dm me we can do some business. I do open ups. Bank accounts etc and can also drop money into it etc.
  4. Buy one item at first, $30-50 if it goes through then try order multiple
  5. Follow me so i dm you sir, what info do you have with them?
  6. follow me sir so i can dm you, and i dm sharing my methods with you. After we have worked with eachother for abit
  7. Can cashout many ways for you, i usally just do cc to btc. Or i can do products for you
  8. Anyone got dead fullz, i can cash them out, 50/50. Good credit scores preferably
  9. Dm bro if you still need help with genesis, and how much are you spending on each bot?
  10. You're setting all up wrong, clearly. I've spent $20 and made back $800
  11. Need a partner in us, this will benefit you espcially if you're trying to make some cash. Follow me so i can dm you and we'll talk
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