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  1. I have fully verified cashapp if you want to do business
  2. Still need CU banks hmu if you wanna make money and have credit union bins
  3. As title says I have lots of methods to cash out CC's with BTC. 50/50 rates - looking for long term supplier of American cards we can go 1 at a time. Cashouts can take anywhere from 2-5 hours and we will be going 50/50 in BTC. Message me your contact info and we can get doing business. Hopefully after a few days you will see vouches from people here. I do not need Fullz just CCV and the cards I need have to be from America.
  4. So what happens you get a loan and the amount goes to the owners card or you can spend it on the website?
  5. Is this selling gift cards on paxful which you got from carding / refunding on cracked Amazon accounts?
  6. Follow me and we can start a conversation, Ill PM you my contact info
  7. I can cash USA CCV's to BTC bro let me know if you have cards we can team up
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