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  1. If anyone needs someone or people to cash out at atms or gc/cb method pm me, I got a big team of people that will cash out all day. Even have access to 101 atms
  2. Got a big team of guys that will cash out DP’s. GC/MO method, atms, CB. Worst comes to worse we can even cash out 201’s because we have access to 101 atms. Holla at me. Only serious skimmers and hackers. Looking for partnership % or working out a good buy price. Must send test of work first. Ain’t here to play that ripper game most of y’all o
  3. If any of you need someone to cash out D/P’s all day, I’m your guy. Got a big team of people that will cash out via in store gc/cb method and also have access to a bunch of 101 atms that we can cash out
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