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  1. i can act as a drop in the uk, pm me or hit up my telegram
  2. i can act as a drop i dont mind, if i get on cards ill sell discounted goods and bring money in that way
  3. my current situation is tought, just trying to bring a steady income to myself im keen to learn carding and i don't mind if the money is split 50/50 as long as i get no less than 30%. im not gunna be shit until i start bringing money in, im ready to do this. if anyone wants my telegram ill edit it in when its setup
  4. im down for any work as long as i get money out of it tbf
  5. I'm just trynna bring money in, willing to learn, I don't mind 70/30 split in your favor, as long as i get money out of it too. Very new to this scene, gunna buy a cheap linux setup to do this off, gunna get an alt phone number too. If anyone's got any work you can pm me here or my telegram @Lil_Satanist. I'd like to do carding full time but can only do part time right now Saturday-Tuesday due to college I am willing to do evenings Wednesday-Friday. Once I learn how to card I'll pretty much be doing it as much as I can in my free time
  6. im new to this, dont know how to check balance or anything on cards
  7. Just trying to get an iphone x or an 11 pro max in midnight green with some airpods
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