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  1. Merry Christmas everyone! I decided to share this with the forum. It's 2 phone numbers used to check if cc numbers are valid, the 2nd number is for checking out if a cheque is valid. Enjoy and if anyone feels generous please throw me a few good cc numberz I could use some for Christmas shopping. I'm super broke, and can't get anything for my daughter. Cc check: 1(800) 884 2012 Merch id# 67130077118 Cheque verification: 1(888)491-3698 Merch id# 4310 4020
  2. Not only can you use Visa, amex,mc,etc...you can also use bank account as well so anyone saying that you can't use cc haven't even tried it obviously
  3. Listen i've been carding for 15 yrs and i'm willing to mentor some people for free!! but all i ask is that if you start making good money, you share in the wealth with me. I accept donations lol.... so hit me up and if i don't get back to you, or i don't reply its for a reason. i gotta a lot of other real life shit i deal with on a daily basis so be patient...
  4. Im from cali too...Sactown 916ness in the house!!!
  5. I have a chase account I just opened and a coinmama account to buy bitcoin, I'm trustworthy and will spit everything I do 50/50 telegram me @robin steal
  6. I have a chase checking account that can be used for cashing out bank transfers, or zelle, etc...is there anyway we can make money with this??
  7. Really? I must be retarded because I swear that is my telegram name. What's yours so I can just contact you?
  8. Sorry for the mix up its @ Robin steel on telegram
  9. And I'm still waiting for my debit card to come in the mail, however I signed the card up to Samsung pay and I can go to the atm at chase with my phone and access my account with that. I'm wondering if anyone wants to use this account to cash out, or something. I'm willing to spit everything that goes through the account, and I've got some years experience handling this kind of shit so I know how to work my way around the system without raising any red flags. So If anyone is interested PM me. Or hit me up on telegram @ Robin steal. I also have a good pp account also, and a coinmama account for buying bitcoin. Any ideas would be awesome. We all need money so let's share in the wealth together...
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