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  1. I get it is just saying in the forum you got the btc ready to buy is like an open invitation for scammers
  2. You really want to lose your muney huh?
  3. If you don't give it for free make you post on the general sellers section
  4. the ones that people drop are legit too is just that they gonna die fast
  5. Oh and check the tutorial sections of the forum you can find information on almost all you need to start there
  6. 1-giftcards is a good way to start 2-NEVER use your real address,use a drop 3-good luck you have to find them the hard way getting scammed until you find the legit ones there isnt a easy way for this 4-from 20 to 50 usually 5-there is a sections on the forum for this called freebies Hope this helped you a bit and good luck on your future projects
  7. Axl90

    UK carding

    They are good but a bit hard to find also look for non vbv sites they acept vbc too
  8. Axl90

    UK carding

    there a few things that could provoke that but first make sure if your cards are vbv/mcsc or not
  9. Axl90


    Haven't heard or read about blocks so I don't know nothing about that.About how many will be safe i think the third card will be swallowed go for 2 on that atm and try on others too.Good luck mate
  10. Axl90


    ye they would and i say not at the same time because you raise a red flag on atm system so you could lose your card if it dont have any information of yours on it go for the same
  11. Axl90


    You can do it at the same time but not from the same atm on a short period of time do 1 by day on different atms
  12. Not rly necessary to pay look into the tutorial section of different forums I'm sure you gonna find some info that could help you
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