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  1. I see people on here looking for a legit dump plug. I got a bitch that hasn't done me wrong yet. All her shit hits dumps w pin or if you don't need physical. She does refunds if anything she sells me isn't live. No questions asked as long as you didn't kill the cc. Her telegram is @niatil. Tell her zoot sent you because I get free shit for the referral lol
  2. If anybody needs plastics vendor, I got a bitch. @Niatil on telegram is her @
  3. Ladies and gents I cant pm yet I don’t believe. You’ll have to just hit her on telegram. She specializes in plastic
  4. If ya'll want ole girl number, pm me or hit me on telegram @niatil She got a li attitude sometimes but her shit high bal and always hits for me lmao
  5. I also have someone but she only does US cards. I've been using her for about a month and a half and gotten 3 dumps from her. Skimmer
  6. Have high balance wells fargo with account holder complete fullz. Idk what to do with it so selling it on here. I have a video/screen recording of me logging into the account showing balance date and time. Can make new video for proof or whatever. Message me on telegram @los_sin
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