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  1. ive used Empire on numerous occasions... but no matter where you go or who you buy from it doesn't guarantee anything... in my experience most issues I have had have been with me and my setup not the vendor... knowledge is key... research everything you can find regarding opsec and don't try and take any shortcuts... otherwise your just wasting time and money....
  2. Just a review if you will... I can say from personal experience this guy is legit : )
  3. Would like some information from somebody with experience with Bank Accounts as far as methods to drain as much as possible from said account. Have access to the account online but not the physical card itself. Also have extensive information on the account holder. What can be done here ? If all goes well will gladly compensate generously. PM here or telegram @PhilMcrevace or Wickr @PhilMcrevace
  4. Got non vbv and sms number whats up my telegram is @PhilMcrevace
  5. Not 1000/week anytime soon unfortunately thx anyway
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