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  1. veracrypt,fraudfox,anti detect or whonix which would be better suitable? gonna be using a usb
  2. as far carding im in the process of gettin a msr in
  3. looking for ppl in dfw{tx} tht wanna help each other get on
  4. anti detect,fraud fox, veracrypt or whonix which is better?
  5. Download virtualbox and whonix on your MBP and route the traffic of the windows vm through whonix. Get a good socks proxy while doing the actual carding. OPSEC depends on what you are trying to achieve. Shoot me a dm i can send you a guide that will help you get started. [/QUOTE] it wont let me msg you direclty try hittin my dm but will do an preciate the info
  6. ok thanks for the info what would you suggest for the ip an whats a good OPSEC ?like using socks. btw using 2015 MBP
  7. is it better to use for this type of work can i spoof mac address?
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