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  1. If you still didnt find any bro, msg me in PM
  2. yeah by their posts we shall know them too many dirts posts arounds hope there is a way to turn this around and make forum good thanks for insight
  3. i usually get 60-70% for iTunes it depends on who's available at the moment, do you use US work for iTunes?
  4. You have the most accurate answer but that is not only the method. I have business accounts open today.
  5. Theres a good seller for brut pp in verified vendor section, he also has usa bank acc's, if you still looking pm me il tell you which one
  6. I experienced luck in gifts carding... that was too short lol.
  7. how about checking the right section of the forum for it ?
  8. there are, unfortunately for you the guy that i deal with doesnt sell to english speaking. But a word of advice, read the reviews carefully and pick a seller that has the best reviews
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