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  1. I have found someone who sells US and UK physical cards with pins. Ive only tried the UK ones but so far so good.
  2. Just out of interest has anyone made any money from genesis market cause I've brought 8 accounts with no success Thanks
  3. I have a filipino bank account with 230,000 PHP (4500$) with the BPI bank (Bank of the Philippine Islands) that i dont know how to cash out. If someone can help me cash out this account i will give them 750$ of the share. I will also sell this bank log if someone offers me a reasonable price Thanks BE WARNED I WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE LOGIN AND WILL NOT SEND YOU THE MONEY
  4. yo dude im getting into the loan fraud game right now and might be able to help my telegram is @madman12848
  5. BPI bank with 203,000 PHP ($4500) bank log very low security bank 500$
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