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  1. Cali here and interested in working my time is like yours very valuable. If been looking for a way into this without being mislead or swindled out of BTC its happened more then I like. Super serious and street smart which explains the not so computer carding savvy. I've been away for years so I know risks and I also know calculated ones which worth some vacation (just keeping it real) I ready in Nor Cal so hit me up lets do this i dont show boat im humble think things through know how top take direction and accountable for my actioons no matter good or bad. Without being cocky I'm say this Im the one honest person that worth a cyber space fool idiots looking for hand outs
  2. slow your roll i suggested it so dont assume
  3. Amex serve pre paid debit card
  4. I have transfer wise set up just needs to be funded
  5. The dilemma is I have to be on a flight this morning but i have not got the ticket. Some idiot hasnt sent me a WU (Hidden Market) i paid for So there it is Im using my flyer southwest points but Im to de`r short on those but I need 60$
  6. Yes, you read it, TRANSFERWISE account for sale or we can work together. It's been I.D. verified the next step is to fund the account tan wait on debit card. I have the email/login and or password the phone linked to and to top it off a PP Here is linked with all the whistles. Three accounts and access to them as the are connected.
  7. Still looking I also have serve chime with the ID and debit cards
  8. Whats good lets chat Im with advancing together i got accounts and debit cards to go with them
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