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  1. the website does not have any verification process for withdraw?
  2. Got some contact who can provide what rate % you ready to pay
  3. Ech0


    Send proofs that you really have the skimmer, cuz there are many people who are with talks and got shit or stop replying once the amount hits the wallet
  4. Higher the money, more the risk, but have seen many friends earn that amount. no biggie
  5. Is interested in your offer send your contact and lets get some bread together
  6. Can you send more detail on bank, limits, age of companies and bank accounts, etc on PM thanks! If you have faced any ban on the bank accounts after successful transaction?
  7. Wondering if this would be legal deal, why find someone to get it funded from carding forum?
  8. what do you have to offer mate?
  9. Mr BlackDiamond, can you provide some more details, you got anything with AN and RN with the data?
  10. Just question, the account create and verification process is easy for Cashapp?
  11. Will you be to provide consistently or this is one time deal?
  12. Define, tons, we can work on it if the credit scores are really good. drop contact info on PM or here!
  13. PM bro what you can cashout with, logs preference etc and contact. Lets work!
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