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  1. And do you have or anyone else has any tips, experience on ATMs?
  2. accounts in EU banks, companies min. 1 year up to 4-5, you pick, no ban add me and lets talk on jabber [email
  3. Hello Folks, Long story short, ive been using, lets say burner EU companies, for certain activities to make some cash. Lately that line of work getting less and less profitable, so im here, looking for a new one, to make some Cheddar. All companies are aged, live, already have bank accounts. Any ideas, proposals to partner up on percentage based, im interested. Account in EUR. Additional accounts could be opened. If you want to buy one, ( EU company, full documentation, scans, copies of everything, with business bank account, physical debit card, sim and login for online banking ) im interested. Price could be various, starts at 5k EUR. PM for info and contact
  4. Looking for serious, legit hacking service, phishing, gaining docs, infos, from pc, infecting mobile device, etc More you can offer is the better, only serious folks pls, budget: few K euros, nada upfront, PM for details
  5. Hello Folks I thought it might be useful for everyone, incl. me, to start a discussion on carding in terms of doing it in the EU. Any tip, experience, idea etc could be shared here for the ones interested in doing it in Europe. I meant it as a general discussion so feel free to add any comment regarding to physical carding. As a new commer, first of all let me start with what are the basics you consider, a starter should know? Thanks in advance and i hope the topic will be useful for many Take care
  6. need to know more, but might yes, you have jabber?
  7. If u still in the need, i have plenty of them, what would be the deal?
  8. Whats the deal? I have several EU business bank accounts, could be used for whatever what makes Cheddar. Hit me up if interested.
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